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Hey, we're UAII.

UAII is the leading alliance of independent insurance agencies in the Midwest - dedicated to the creation, growth, evolution, and continuing success of the local independent insurance agency.  We offer the independent agent more power in the marketplace, access to major insurance carriers, the ability to capture new markets, receive higher effective rates of commissions, and the opportunity to receive growth and profit sharing while maintaining independence.

Our Partners

UAII member agencies have access to many competitive markets, allowing them to become significant producers of profitable insurance business while reaping the rewards of profit sharing and excess compensation. 

Our Territory

Occupying 2/3 of the state, our territory is shown in color. If you're in that area and interested in joining SIAA, you'll be working with us!

Our office is located in Huntington, IN, with field recruiters out and about consulting and advising existing and prospective members on how to grow their agency's profitability.  

If you're interested in learning more about SIAA, contact us to schedule a visit with us in your agency with a UAII regional vice president or in our office. We love visitors!

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