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Updated: Mar 29

After attending the 'Young Agents Conference' at Purdue University this past week, my colleagues and I learned a little about this thing called Smarketing. No, that isn't a typo. Smarketing.

Kelly Donahue - President at Agency Performance Partners in Providence, Rhode Island Area - gave us the lowdown on her interpretation of Sales-Based Marketing.

After listening to Kelly's presentation I aspired to hear from other 'Smarketing' advocates and found Brendan Flanigan of SmarkLabs. His definition of smarketing is quite simple:


the alignment between your sales and marketing teams, created through shared goals and executed through a collaborative strategy

Brendan also describes his 5 Fundamental Pillars of Smarketing here!

Does your agency merge marketing and sales into one strategy that works seamlessly to retain and gain customers?!

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