Let the 'Driving' Games Begin!

Several insurance companies have created a device that tracks your driving habits in order to save you money on car insurance. The devices monitor how hard you brake, how rapidly you accelerate, how many miles you drive, etc. After much conversation about these devices, we're wondering if these devices have actually become a real life driving game? And if this device is in fact a game to you, what happens when someone other than you messes with your "score"?

Well, when you work in a cubicle it's difficult not to overhear conversations. Especially the heated kind and trust me, these devices had my co-workers heated....

"It's bad for my marriage ... I made my wife cry"

"My husband completely screwed up my score! He's the WORST DRIVER EVER!"

"Ugh! I accelerate too quickly and got yet another 'incident'."

"The first thing I do when I get home is check my score. I'm addicted."

These devices are designed to save drivers money, but the fine print doesn't warn you that this device may or may not be pleasant for those living/driving with the competitive type. If you're anything like my coworkers, this 90 day competition has turned into a ruthless battle between drivers that neither party is willing to lose, and all of the sudden those driving flaws (that you didn't know you had) are recorded AND subject to relentless mocking after yet another 'incident'. Which, of course, is all fun and games until you're the one being mocked. Like me, you have to be curious, right?!

So the question is, are these devices making you a better driver, or are you just basking in the fun of telling your husband/wife that you’re a better driver than they are?

If you haven’t yet “Let the 'Driving' Games Begin” you’re in luck, we can get you in contact with an UAII member that can set you up!

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