Office productivity. Everyone wants it. How do you get it?

Updated: Mar 29

It happens; getting off task from time to time is inevitable. However, if you or your employees are spending more time gossiping with co-workers than working, there's probably a problem, and it's positively affecting your business's productivity.

If focus or lack of motivation has become an issue at your office, there are plenty of things you can do to get your agency energized again. Sometimes subtle changes in the work environment are all that is necessary, and other times participation of the entire staff is needed. If your agency could use a shot of energy (and we're not talking about another shot of espresso), try these!

Plan and Prioritize.

I don't know about you, but organizing is therapeutic. I'll organize anything from my calendar to my sock drawer - it all works the same. There are a beginning and an end, which keeps the stress at bay and helps to make the most out of my time. So, before you begin each work day, set aside 15 to 30 minutes and go over your daily tasks. Decide which are most important and create a schedule to keep you on task. A checklist is my most satisfying form of organizing my tasks. So order that designer to-do list you saw on Pinterest, or make a checklist on your favorite project management system and GET TO WORK!

Set goals.

Goals have always been a massive part of my life, but I have noticed, and maybe you have to, that once we reach that goal, we're motivated to set another one. If you have experienced this, that's GREAT! Part of your planning and prioritizing should include setting goals. Tell yourself there's no option. Your due date is the end of the day. No excuses. GET IT DONE! There's no better feeling after a day of hard work than that of accomplishment.

Take Breaks.

If you're antsy or unfocused, take a quick lap around the office. Whichever step-counting device you use will thank you, and you'll come back with a new attitude. Schedule your breaks, so you don't get sidetracked. Aim for 5-7 minutes of social time or a quick meditation session and then return to your to-do list.

Turn off your social notifications.

Texts, social media, and even sometimes emails are sure-fire ways to distract you while you're at work. I know as someone who has primarily grown up with a phone in my hand that ignoring my best friends text about her killer first date last night is TOUGH. But if I can't see or hear that notification - I don't get distracted. I know your FOMO is hardcore kicking in - the feeling will pass, and you'll be happy you didn't reply when you finish your to-do list.

Make your workspace, YOUR workspace.

Messy work area? Clean it up. Ladies: invest in those adorable designer folders and organizers. You'll love looking at them, and they'll help keep your workspace tidier. Gentleman - minimalism is IN. Less is more. Make your way to the scanner and put those docs in a folder on the cloud. You'll thank yourself later.

Have a Productive day!

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