National Clean Out Your Computer Day

Updated: Mar 29

According to today is National Clean Out Your Computer Day. Have you let too many files pile up on your desktop? Is your SharePoint or OneDrive full of documents or photos that you don't need anymore? Maybe your records aren't in labeled folders for when you're in a hurry. Here are

Five quick tips for a non-cluttered computer

1. Delete. Delete any files that aren't of use to you anymore. ESPECIALLY those saved on your desktop. Your desktop should be a clean slate leading you to your most used shortcuts or programs. Save any useful files on your cloud drive, so if, heaven forbid, your computer crashes, all your files are safe and sound.

2. Sort. Once you've taken care of your cluttered desktop, open your cloud drive. Is your cloud drive a mess of jumbled random files? Can you quickly find a document you need in a moments notice? Have you been saving personal data on a shared drive for anyone to see? Joe doesn't need to look at your home budget. Move that file to your OneDrive, so your sensitive information is only viewable to you!

3. Make Folders. Make folders that clearly state what you can find in them. Maybe you're looking for carrier guidelines that you pulled from a company's site. Wouldn't it be so easy to open your "Company" folder, click on the sub-folder named "Guidelines" and find the guidelines you're looking for (and maybe the ones your not) all in one place?

4. Rename. Rename existing folders. Maybe you tried your best to organize on last year's Clean Out Your Computer Day, but got sidetracked because well, you're a busy, successful insurance agent? Try again this year. Make sure your folders have a name that makes sense for everyone. If you're in charge of a shared cloud file, make sure someone that isn't you can easily find the folders and their documents.

5. Decide. Decide which system is most comfortable for you and your agency. Do you like to search by Date created or modified? Do you like Alphabetical order for quick skimming, or do you want to search by file type? Decide what works for you and set that as your default. My personal favorite is Alphabetical.

I hope these quick tips are useful to you and your agency! Now, it's time to implement a strategy that works for you. National Today's Clean Out Your Computer Day is the perfect day to get organized!

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