UAII Member Spotlight - Ovation Insurance

Joel Dunham rebranded his insurance agency - Ovation Insurance - a few years ago! Located in Fort Wayne, IN, Joel and his team specialize in Pet Insurance, Business Insurance, Gas Station Insurance, and Life Insurance.

As the owner of Ovation Insurance, Joel's job entails "a little bit of everything - although my awesome team has become so much better than me at the everyday challenges, which has allowed me to focus much more on marketing and agency growth." He sounds like a pretty stellar boss, right?!

Joel's favorite thing about his job is building agency processes, strategies, and marketing campaigns for and with his team. As an introvert, the behind-the-scenes work is gratifying to him. He likes to see his team and processes succeed! He said the best career lesson he's learned thus far is "trust, but verify." This lesson goes right along with the three words he uses to describe his insurance agency: efficient, driven, & confident.

When Joel isn't working, he's very involved with music. He and his wife direct his high school alma mater's musicals every year. This year he's excited to direct Willy Wonka. Joel - please tell us there will be an actual chocolate river on opening night? He also likes to go on daily runs at the park, travel, and dabble with taking pictures.

Before he started his insurance career, Joel attended The Ohio State University - Fisher College of Business, and he worked at UPS as an Operations/Data Supervisor. Before that, he was a Wendy's Crew Leader through high school. Joel's work ethic started when he was a kid as he delivered newspapers and worked on a farm, too.

When I asked what the name of his Autobiography would be, he replied, "According to an online survey I just took for this purpose: "I Don't Wanna Talk About It: My 52,000,000-Word Autobiography." I laughed out loud when I read his response, and I hope you did too! If Joel could meet anyone, it would be Walt Disney. He has so many questions for him. Like, "How did you get so much done?" and "Where did your vision come from?"

If an agent is looking to start their independent insurance agency, Joel recommends never being afraid to try new things. He said, "I've only been an agency owner for about four years, and we've tried an extreme number of technologies, strategies, etc. Some have worked very well for our agency since the beginning. Some worked extremely well for a time and, our agency outgrew them. Others were a total disaster from the beginning. But only will you know what works for your business."

When asked about how UAII has enhanced his successful agency, he replied, "Our relationship with UAII started at just the right time. They've shown us new pathways to success, we've added critical carriers to our agency, forged even more critical relationships in the industry, and as a result, seen consistent agency growth. It has been one of the best decisions I've made for the agency, and we're looking forward to what's next!"

Joel - we're just as excited as you are to watch your agency grow into the future!

Looking for more information about Joel and Ovation Insurance? Head over to his website or visit his office located at 6058 E State Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46815.

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