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UAII Member Spotlight - Performance Insurance Group

You probably already know Sean Kirby from The Performance Group Podcast, but we thought you might like to get to know him and his agency a little better! Sean attended the University of Iowa, and when he was 21, he and his family purchased their agency. He couldn't imagine doing any other job!

Sean's day-to-day is similar to many other agents and agency owners (his words, not mine)! He loves that no two days are the same. When he started at the agency three years ago, he did mostly service work, and now he focuses on community engagement, local relationships, and agency growth!

When I asked Sean what he most likes about his job, he replied, "Relationships! The relationships are what make this the best job in the world. With our clients, carrier partners, referral partners, community partners, and UAII!"

His best career lesson is that not every mistake is the end of the world. "This too shall pass," he says. "I have learned that not every mistake is the end of the world … and that [mistakes] are opportunities to grow and be better because of the mistake." Living this way has allowed Sean to focus on what he loves to do. It's taught him to delegate and give grace when grace is due. He attests this to the positive culture at Performance Insurance Group!

When Sean isn't working, he's still working! The Performance Group Podcast takes up a lot of his spare time, and he works as a wrestling coach. He says, "Most importantly, I work on being a better father and husband!" going on, he added, "…cheesy answer, but I wanted to make sure my wife saw it!" Well, Sean, we think a couple of other people might see it too!

For any agent looking to start their independent insurance agency, Sean wants you to remember that it's "Relationships over revenue." Sean says, "It's important to find where you stand out … building strong relationships with your clients … and helping [them] solve their problems" is what it's all about. When asked how UAII has enhanced his successful agency, Sean replied, "I feel like you get what you give in a relationship with a company like UAII. There are so many wonderful relationships and resources to be found if you put forth the extra effort. It is important to ask for help where you need help."

Sean, we can't wait to see where you take Performance Insurance Group! Oh and, Joe Rogan, if you're reading this – as fellow podcasters, Sean thinks the two of you would an EPIC 3-hour conversation.


Looking for more information about Sean and Performance Insurance Group? Head over to his website or visit his office located at 118 E. State St., Pendleton, IN 46064

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