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The SIAA Model

In 1995, a new, multi-tiered partnering business model was created – SIAA. Today, with over $12.5 Billion in total written premiums, SIAA is the nation’s largest independent insurance agency alliance.

The foundation of the SIAA alliance is built on partnerships between SIAA, its 49 master agencies, insurance companies, and independent strategic members.

SIAA has a unique operating model - offering member agencies a distinct advantage over other membership-based options.

SIAA is comprised of 49 Master Agencies across the United States.  A national model with local execution.

Each Master Agency is responsible for a defined region. If you were to consider a membership with SIAA, your membership would technically reside with the Master Agency that services your area. Should you decide to join, you would have immediate access to all the services, markets, profit-sharing, and incentives of both your Master Agency and SIAA.

Strength in numbers nationally, local solutions.

SIAA’s business model provides member agencies with the best aspects of local relationships with our Master Agencies and the benefits of being part of a large national organization. On both levels, we have developed business relationships, a critical mass of volume, and long-term successful results with our strategic partner companies, creating a financial benefit for our member agencies.

Master Agencies deploy local staff – agency growth coaches – to partner with agencies, from start-ups to large retail shops, to maximize their growth and income opportunities. The growth coaches provide coaching on start-up challenges and solutions, the SIAA Business Insurance Advantage program (increasing commercial lines premium), and overall premium growth. They also establish access to third-party providers, connect members with marketing and management support tools, and offer ongoing support to member agencies.

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